Thursday, December 28, 2006

On The Net: Bring On The Digital Hugos

Here's the last column of 2006 ... er ... actually, 2005. Hear now On The Net: Bring On The Digital Hugos. First published in Asimov's in May of 2005. Here is the text version with the links, such as they are. Time 18:23.32 File Size: 8.76 mb


Beam Me Up said...

I think this is every bit as timely as when you first wrote it. If I am any indication of how SF is progressing, then considering the "digital" side of science fiction should not be an if, but a when. No I don't think little blogs like my Beam Me Up are setting the world on fire, but consider that 99% of what I feature is gleaned in some fashion from digital sources....Places like Boing Boing, SFSignals, SFAudio and yes FreeReads are not only useful but fast becoming pivotal in supporting today's science fiction community.

Nan said...

I like listening to your fiction, but I also like your columns, too. So how about some more?